• Guiding Technology - Creating Solutions

  • What We Do

    SecureInsights propels innovations and solutions from concept to implementation. Technology, no matter how brilliantly conceived, needs to solve a problem to provide value in the real world. That’s where we come in.


    Whether you’re in the early stages of development and looking for funding and mission alignment, going to market with innovative solutions, looking for strategic partners or to capture more market share, we can help. 

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    Strategic Advisory

    Helping You Find the Path

    We are technology advocates - driving new capabilities and supporting business growth. We bring operational and technology expertise, a global network to achieve unmatched success for our clients and partners

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    Mergers and Acquisitions  

    Trusted Partners

    Raising money or strategic buy/sell transactions, we work with a network of investment banks and private equity and to support taking businesses to the next level

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    Technology Drivers

    We provide focused advocacy to deliver technology solutions to rapidly changing security and operational environments

    Getting problem-solving technologies to where they are needed is our expertise.

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    Business Development

    Broad Scope, Global Outreach

    We are experts with global reach. If you are entering the US market or are trying to expand into international markets we can propel your business, navigate the regulatory landscape and find trusted in- country partners.

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    Targeted Communications and Media Outreach

    Compelling Communication

    Educating stakeholders on new systems, helping security operators make informed decisions or building your brand we develop and deliver the critical information, content and messaging.

  • About Secure Insights

     Uncompromising Advocacy

    Unmatched expertise

    Knowledge. We have decades of experience and a track record of success helping businesses, technology innovators and security operators achieve their missions.

    Comprehensive commitment

    Integrity. We roll up our sleeves and work side-by-side with clients to add the most value with aligned and integrated support. We want to work with you on this project, your next project, your next business and we build long term relationships with our clients.

    Connected resources

    Global Network. Both in the US and internationally, our network of professionals and associates delivers access and insights on critical elements of business, technology, policy and operations. 

  • Our Philosophy

    No one can go at it alone, but lean, focused advocacy will accelerate your business. SecureInsights offers hands-on, comprehensive work to drive business and technology objectives. As trusted partners, we have stood by our clients for years, providing consistent, indispensable service


    The partners at SecureInsights proudly support security missions world-wide and engage in the development of innovative solutions to address complex operational and security challenges


  • Who We Are

    SecureInsights brings together internationally recognized technologists, entrepreneurs and security operators.



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    Barbara H. Zylinski


    There’s a bridge between the public and private sector, and Barbara Zylinski has spent a career crossing it. As a leading expert on security technology, she has successfully supported innovative solutions and approaches to security and new capabilities in numerous other industries.


    With more than thirty years of experience as a trusted advisor and advocate, entrepreneurs, business executives and technologists have relied on Barbara as a trusted partner. She has an unmatched track record of successfully launching technologies and developing business for her clients and partners.


    Barbara brings a practical and focused approach, founded in real world experience that is powered by business acumen, experience and an inexhaustible global network.


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